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La Madeleine's Lecture Series on Lemmon Ave. e

Royal Sisters: Princess Margaret & Princess Elizabeth

Tuesdays, June 8 and June 15 from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.

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This is a test to see how many people are  spontaneous.  If you are not, delete it.


With a rather chaotic summer upon us, we'll have to  catch the royals when we can.  When the Pandemic hit, we were in a class on  Princess Margaret.  You can't talk about her, and not talk about her Big Sis aka  the one who will be Queen.  Where will we pick up? Somewhere around the mid 1930s. It's hard to say where exactly we left off, but we definitely had not gotten to  Margaret's wild side . Yes, the childhood of both girls will be talked about. Elizabeth's as it impacted Margaret. Both sisters were profoundly shaped by  Uncle David's abdication , and what it meant for  "We Four"  - as Bertie, the future George VI, referred to his immediate family.


Not much turn around here, but if you are spontaneous minded and so inclined, pay by Zelle, or toss your registration in the mail. Many people have embraced the easiness of Zelle, but do as you like. Have to have it  before Tuesday.  La Mads has a a different vibe and we just take it as it comes. This is not going to finish the  Windsor Sisters.


Price: $52/person two lectures; $26/person for one lecture. No refunds June 7 or thereafter. La Mads -no masks required. If you feel comfortable, and if you've been before you know what that room looks like.

Come join us! Eat dinner, have a snack, or a drink as we learn about both princesses, especially the baby sister.We are a friendly group. We like to learn and have fun. Take a look at your calendar. Hope you can make it!


Please include your name, address, phone, cell, email. Please check your email.


Questions: Martha's Home Phone: 214-321-9051; Cell: 214-536-9227. Email:


This is not available for Zoom - at least not at this time, and probably never. It's not the type of class for Zoom. This is  LIVE!


We will see how this little experiment goes.  Margaret would approve of the spontaneity . Sorry for two emails this week.


Have a wonderful weekend!





Dr. Martha Fielder

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