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La Madeleine's Lecture Series on Lemmon Ave. e

One Make-Up Session for Part I on Feb. 26 - if you are interested call or email me for pricing

Princess Margaret: A Life, Part II

Wednesdays, March 4, March 11, and March 18 from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.

We continue on with Part II in our series on Princess Margaret. On Wed., Feb. 26 we will finish part one. You do not need to have taken part one to enjoy part two. In the second series we will cover Margaret's rather wild young adulthood, and her romance with Group Captain Peter Townsend. Denied a marriage to Townsend by her sister because he was divorced. Other topics include her marriage to Anthony Armstrong- Jones, motherhood, divorce, and non-marital activities as well.


Register for early registration; then there's always late registration, too. Advance registration required.

If you register by Feb. 26, then the price is $78/person for all three sessions ( March 4, 11, and 18). Feb. 27 or thereafter, the price is $88/person.
No refunds after Feb. 26 on any registration.

If you can only make two lectures, the price until Feb. 26 is $52/for two lectures; and if you can only make one lecture, the price is $26/person for one night if paid by Feb. 26. Feb. 27 and thereafter the price is $62/person for two lectures; and $31/person for one night.

No refunds after Feb.27.

Come join us! Eat dinner, have a snack, or a drink as we learn about this very beautiful princess. We are a friendly group. We like to learn and have fun. Take a look at your calendar. Hope you can make all three lectures! The La Madeleine's classes have a different feel. You just need to experience it.


Mail your registration to:

Dr. Martha Fielder
1412 El Campo Drive
Dallas, Texas 75218

Tel: 214-321-9051

Please include your name, address, phone, cell, email. Please check your email.